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Birds on the Kiswar Tree (2Leaf Press, 2014) by Odi Gonzales, translated by Lynn Levin

Lynn Levin and Odi Gonzales, recorded November 14, 2014, published by DrexelView on Vimeo.

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Craft of Poetry
 Poems for the Writing: Prompts for Poets by Valerie Fox and Lynn Levin (Texture Press, 2013)
• Interview with Valerie Fox and Lynn Levin by Julia Perch on the blog Prick of the Spindle
 Writing the Superhero Poem, A craft essay by Lynn Levin

“Dilaudid” (an uncollected poem), The Hopkins Review

Miss Plastique (Ragged Sky Press, 2013)
Radio interview on NPR’s Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane (Audio)
“Insomniac Romance”
on Verse Daily
Lynn Levin reading “Idylls of Mayfield” from Miss Plastique and the anthology Rabbit Ears (Video)

Fair Creatures of an Hour (Loonfeather Press, 2009)
Lynn Levin reading “To Tiffany with a Stud in Her Tongue” and “For Eric after Four Hours of Doom” on Soundzine (Audio)
“Homo Erectus Recalls the Better Days of Man” on Verse Daily

Imaginarium (Loonfeather Press, 2005)
“If You Are Reading This” in Common Wealth: Contemporary Poets on Pennsylvania (Penn State University Press)

“Stay Lucky” on Wild River Review
“On Going to the Playboy Club with My Father” on Michigan Quarterly Review
“Elizabeth Bishop and a Late Rescued Poem, ‘Breakfast Song’” on Per Contra

Short Fiction
• “The Husband and the Gypsy” on Per Contra
“Little Secrets” on Green Hills Literary Lantern, XXVII (Volume 6)
“Monkey Island” on Young Adult Review Network/YARN
“The Birthday Present” on Cleaver
“The Ask Sandwich” on Cleaver

Links to “The Husband and the Gypsy” and “Elizabeth Bishop and a Late Rescued Poem, ‘Breakfast Song’” courtesy of Per Contra.